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My future in local activities in politics.
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My Future In Local Activities In Politics is an idea to elucidate people about our Principal who is a local person with education and business not excluding family. All his activities are well present and represented in Nigeria, not others that has education in other country and does not know how Nigeria education system is, …

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Obi 2023
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i was still in secondary school in Anambra when Obi was the governor of the state , if not of anything else i enjoyed free education under his formal exellency , for that he has my full support

20220717 145511
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  With no disrespect to anybody in Nigeria if it is not peter Obi , you are voting for then you are truly part of the problem of this nation. No Sane person will think beyond peter Obi . It is either peter Obi or you sell this country. Don’t come and rule us from …

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