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With no disrespect to anybody in Nigeria if it is not peter Obi , you are voting for then you are truly part of the problem of this nation. No Sane person will think beyond peter Obi . It is either peter Obi or you sell this country. Don’t come and rule us from Dubia just to proof you are powerful . We don’t need powerful people on our seat of honor or power we want a servant, leader . Don’t come from lagos and tell us it’s your turn , our seat of power is not turn by turn, don’t come and give us corn to eat and send 50 million of our young men to sambisa forest to die for you . we don’t have enough men to sacrifice for your selfishness. wise men from the east will come to serve because they are obidient . And he that walk with the wise shall be wise . Until your obidient is complete you cannot be yusful. You are truly part of the problem of our great nation for thinking it’s your turn to rule us do we look like your fathers children? If you are only obidient you will be yusful and you will eat the good of the land . Obi does not have power , it is not Obi’s turn but because wise men come from the East we are obidient to the God of industry. It ether Obi or obi . Now Jesus said to peter “ launch out into the deep and lay down your net for a drought . Luke 5:4 

that instructions from the lip Jesus , that gave peter, direction was not terminated the hours and hours of misery. If we want to end this circle of failure in this nation we must allow peter to launch out unto the deep by divine instructions. From Bible days until now peter has been very obidient ! If you want a new Nigeria look for peter because he is obidient so that we can be yusful . 

David Noble

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